Board of Directors

Dunn Loring Swim Club could not operate without all the volunteers who help, not just during the summer season, but all year long.

Board Members

  • Matt Tully – President
  • Chad Stein – Vice President, Strategic Planning Chair
  • Sean Barnes – Treasurer, Finance Chair
  • Nimmi Kannankutty – Secretary, Dive Team Liaison
  • Frank Piazza – Maintenance Chair
  • Dan Sughrue – Personnel Chair
  • Zack Cannon – Communications Chair
  • Chip McElhattan – Security & Safety Chair
  • Jonathan Rokita – Social Chair, Technology Chair
  • Christine Kluttz – Social, Swim Team Liaison
  • Luke Martonik – Finance, Maintenance, Strategic Planning
  • Patty Orfini – Nomination, Personnel, Safety
  • Brian Murphy – Nominations Chair

Non-Board Volunteers

  • Jeff Allen – Maintenance
  • Lisa Youngers – Nominations,  Governance
  • Jim Briody – Nomination
  • Allison Jones – Swim Team Rep
  • Kristin Zimmerman – Swim Team Rep
  • Laurie Tickle – Swim Team Rep
  • Tanya Ratner – Dive Team Rep
  • Lisa Mak – Dive Team Rep
  • Laura Wood – Water Aerobics
  • John Lemm – Corn Hole Rep

Board Committees

  • Executive Committee – President, VP, Treasurer and Secretary are members of the Executive Committee and are responsible for overall Pool and Board management
  • Finance Committee – Chaired by the Treasurer and focused on the financial health and well being of DLSC
  • Personnel Committee – Focused on hiring, developing and paying our 95 staff members
  • Maintenance Committee – Focused on break-fix, mid term improvement projects and long term enhancements to the facility
  • Security and Safety – Focused on maintaining safe and secure operations and environment
  • Social Committee – Focused on developing programs and social events to help build community and have fun
  • Communications Committee – Focused on communicating the mission, status and events of DLSC to the 625 members
  • Nominations Committee – Focused on identifying potential Board Member candidates, managing the nomination process and onboarding new Board members
  • Swim & Dive Liason – Focused on communication and support for Swim and Dive Teams.

Interested in Volunteering?